Picture Book Perfection
Saturday 4 & 11 July, 2–4.30 pm
Online program

In this online program comprising 2 x 2.5-hour sessions you will learn everything you wanted to know about writing picture books. As both an author and an editor working in children’s publishing, Irma will also give participants an honest and realistic insight into the publishing industry. You’ll discover how to create work that young readers will love, explore and develop new ideas through exercises, and gain tips and techniques on how to hone your manuscript to perfection before submitting to a publisher. You will come away with the beginnings of a new picture book. For detailed session breakdowns and/or to book visit the Eventbrite page.

‘First class. Irma Gold knows her topic from every angle. What a privilege to spend a few hours with her’ — former picture book workshop participant
‘Amazing. Irma answered all my questions; excellent resources and examples’ — former picture book workshop participant

The Art of Self-editing Fiction
Saturday 25 July, 1 & 8 August 2020, 2–4 pm
Online program

Learn how to self-edit fiction like an editor.
So you’ve written a full-length manuscript? Well, now the real work begins. This online program comprising 3 x 2-hour sessions will teach you how to undertake a structural edit and make your manuscript the very best that it can be, increasing the chance of publication. You will learn how to become a more objective reader of your work and identify areas that require improvement. And you’ll receive tips and techniques for working through each aspect of the editing process. This program is for emerging and developing writers. It includes exercises and each session will allow time for questions. For detailed session breakdowns and/or to book visit the Eventbrite page.

‘Irma was BRILLIANT!! I got so much out of her workshop. Please get her back to do more’ — former editing workshop participant
‘I learnt more in this one day than during my creative writing course at university’ — former editing workshop participant